My Love for Guacamole!!

Since I started dating my Adam I’ve been introduced to many Hispanic foods. A lot of his family is some percent of Puerto Rican or Mexican, or both. Adam is only 25% Hispanic, which you’d never guess by looking at him, but he loves that part of him. He’s very into the things of that culture, especially the food. When we go visit his Titi Jen, Titi is spanish for Auntie, we always get to eat the best Hispanic food. She is a great cook and I’ll have to learn some of her ways in the kitchen before Adam and I get married.

The first time I went with Adam to visit her she was making Tacos de papa witch is mashed potatoes in a tortilla fried. You can put other toppings inside like pico de gaillo, which is like a spicy salsa type food, or dip it in something, we had salsa verde to dip it in if we wanted. Before dinner she was making snacks for us to eat and she made  guacamole and put out some good tortilla chips. I had never had guacamole before because I don’t like avocados, but I figured I would try it considering she made it herself. I seriously fell in love with it. It’s one of my favorite things now.

When she and Adam found out I tried the guacamole and loved it they told me the stuff from the store is never as good. I can believe that because my mom always gets this guacamole dip from the store that is this bright green color with nothing else in it. It looks disgusting. Finally, I decided one day to get the recipe and make it myself. I looked up all the ingredients which were: 4 large avocados, 1/2 large white onion, a tomato, some cilantro, the juice of two limes, and however much lime you want, you could add peppers and other things but I didn’t want a really spicy guacamole. I got all the ingredients and had my best friend Ashley come over to make it with me.

The first thing you do is get a pretty large bowl and cut all the avocados in half and take a spoon to the edges of the peel so you can pop the whole half of the avocado out in the bowl at once. Once you have all four in the bowl you mash them up to a consistency that you like, it doesn’t matter if it’s a little chunky or really smooth. However you like it is perfect. Then you squeeze one of the lime’s juice into the mashed avocados, or use one tablespoon of lime juice if you don’t have real limes, that will not only give it flavor, but it will help the avocados, somewhat, from turning brown. The you cut up your onion and tomato and mix that in however you like. Then you cut about a 1/4 cup of cilantro I think it is, but I definitely added more until it looked like what we had at Titi’s house. When all of that is mixed up and you like the consistency you squeeze the other lime into it mix it a little and salt it to taste.

Salting it was the hardest thing for Titi Jen she said so she always asks for people to taste the guacamole before she officially puts it out, so I had Ashley try some and so did I, until we were happy with the way it tasted. It ended up turning out really good! It took me forever to actually make because I’m not very good at chopping things, I don’t cook much yet. Surprisingly getting the avocados out the way I watched Titi Jen do it was the easiest part for me. After practicing making guacamole it doesn’t take that long at all. It’s also a pretty healthy snack, which I really like. There’s always options for low or no salt chips too and eating them with guacamole you probably wouldn’t even notice they didn’t have salt because the guacamole is so good and already has salt in it. So that’s my love for guacamole! I hope everyone who reads this goes home and makes their own!




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